Welcome to the BDK tennis school

BDK Tennis

The BDK Tennis School offers a tennis-based learning and customization system tailored to each student’s level.



Tennis lessons are individual or in groups, and teaching is done both in English and in English. The program is flexible.

Children's tennis

They are designed from children to teenagers. We have mini net, rackets for kids, sponge or deflated balls, auxiliary materials.

Adult's tennis

Initiation courses and advanced courses are meant to improve the level of play no matter what it is.


For those advanced in the game of tennis, for those who want to achieve performance. Performance in tennis involves intense, persevering training.

Physical training

Physical training is integrated into the training program, along with psychological, technical and tactical training.

Tennis court renting.

The tennis courts of the BDK Tennis School are also accessible for those who want to play tennis alongside a friend, partner. If you do not dispose of rackets and balls, they can be rented from our center.

Racket string service

When the racket netting breaks or becomes soft, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

Our Mission

We offer quality tennis for all age groups.


Summer – outside: 07.00 – untill sundown (non-lit playing field)

Winter – Heated Baloon: 07.00 – 22.00


Address: King Michael I Park (former Herastrau Park), Soseaua Nordului, Sector 1, Bucuharest.

Telephone: 0722.435.758